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Brooke & Darin's Office Cubicle Makeovers

A cubicle is defined as a small, square, office workspace - and, apparently, Brooke and Darin's cubicles were just not cutting it!

Interior Stylist Amanda Richards from the blog "Burlap and Denim" helped transform the spaces of your favorite Studio 5 hosts. She shares three take-away tips for sprucing up your own creative space, or at-home office.

 I was recently asked to do a cubicle makeover for Brooke Walker of Studio5 for just $50. This may seem like an impossible task, but with a little thought and a lot of effort I think it turned out awesome! Let me show you how we did it. First, it is important to start with the feeling you want the space to have when it is finished. After communicating with Brooke, we understood that what she was really looking for was a fresh, feminine, and simple look for her space. We started with the background and found a clean and funky damask fabric with a small punch of color... in aqua parrots. Brooke mentioned that aqua and blush were her favorite colors so we used those throughout the space but also added a few other accents to our color palette like dark grayish blue to keep it interesting. To keep it bright, Amy (my sister) and I taped white stringed lights underneath the cabinetry to give a warm glow to an otherwise dark area.

Grouping is an organizers best friend. With Brooke's space, there were family photos, awards, thank you cards, and the like that were peppered all over the space. We made an inexpensive "bulletin board" out of coordinating linen and burlap to highlight her favorite photos and cards in one place. All of her important books were corralled into a simple crate stained to match the space. They are within easy reach but for the most part, out of sight. Two simple bags, that we embellished and personalized, become the perfect "IN" and "OUT" bags. Hung with some hooks from the side of the cubicle wall, they are easy to take off and move to the desk or hang up out of the way. We organized the random items and mostly DVD's in the chevron boxes on top of the cabinets. Each is labeled with a number 1-4, so even if you can't see over the top of the box, you can remember what is in each one. The best part about grouping is taking the guess work out of straightening up. When a new photo, book, pen or DVD comes into the space, you'll know right where to put it.

Recycle, Reuse and Reduced. I love to recycle things, especially packaging that we would normally throw in the trash. I had recently started saving the bottom of orange boxes because they were clean, a great size, and an excellent neutral colored cardboard. After a little paint and some labels (all of which I had on hand), they became a great FREE storage and d├ęcor statement for Brooke. Glass jars from spaghetti sauce now hold decorative shells and office supplies. A mirror that I found in the garbage (yep, garbage) gets a fresh coat of spray paint and now is the perfect place to check hair and makeup before heading off to that important meeting... or TV show. Placing old Christmas lights in a candy jar can really brightened up Brook's space. When I found the two "IN" and "OUT" bags on clearance, I over looked the ugly front side and focused on the blank back-side and what it could look like with a little embellishment. A drink box from a local eatery was the perfect catch-all for small office supplies, and it was free for the asking.

Finally, a coupon, discount, or clearance item should never be looked down upon. It is amazing how much farther your money can go by simply flashing a 40% off code from your smart phone. Now who's the smart one!

Amanda Richards is an interior stylist who has a passion for design. She loves to create, organize and redesign items for her home and family. Last week the Huffington Post named Amanda one of their "Top Five Pinners to Follow on Pinterest" All the details for the cubicle makeover projects and supplies are listed on her blog, Burlap & Denim along with other decorating and organization tips and

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