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Light Up Your Holiday Glam

It's the number one question asked of Studio 5 Beauty & Style Contributor Holly Stone this time every year - how can I feel festive, without going over the top?

She shares four ways to "get your glam on" for that upcoming holiday party.

"I wear the same black dress every year-how can I dress it up differently?" "I am not a fan of bling but I still want to appear festive." "I have a tight budget but want to wear something fun for the holidays". "It's the same ol' company party but I want to do something different." All common requests. All valid. All simple to resolve.

Whether your calendar is stacked with social engagements or you just gather with family for a special dinner, the holidays bring many options to celebrate with your personal style. These little style twists will leave you feeling merry without picking your pockets:

1. Luminize Your Skin

Tinsel looks great on the tree but can look like Frosty on your skin. While shimmer is a great way to festivize your face, avoid the temptation to sprinkle it all over. Let your features stand out by using your complexion as a backlight. ANYONE can have glowing skin. It's the ultimate way to feature the season without blinking lights or blaring bells and whistles. Complexion, décolleté and arms are ideal areas to highlight.

· Apply foundation first, then quickly follow dabbing a light wash of luminizing lotion OVER YOUR FOUNDATION for maximum results

· Avoid powder-let your skin glow

· Don't use shimmer shadows or glosses. One shimmer product is ideal, two or more= welcome to tinsel town

· Apply body luminizer on your collar bone and décolleté for a scrumptious glow

· If your bare arms will show, coat them with glow

For body: Hard Candy "Glow All The Way" Pink=silver Bronze=gold Wal-Mart $8.00

For complexion: Smashbox "Artificial Light Luminizing Lotion" Ulta $26

2. Light Up Your Black

We often think of brooches as dated or only for those with romantic style. But brooches are a creative way to dress up your little black dress, a shrug or even your tights and hair.

· Don't wear just one. Cluster in odd groups of 3 or 5. (If choosing 5, make them small and place them closer together) If wearing on jacket, place closer to shoulder rather than on expected lapel.

· For tights, line up 3 on the outside of your leg in either a straight line or a cluster above the ankle. Make sure they are very light and pin them snug.

· Look on sale or clearance racks to purchase this versatile accessory

· Buy 2 pieces of satin ribbon (longer is fun for flowing tails) in black or a festive color. Close the pin and loop one ribbon through each side. Tie ribbon at back with the brooch as the center of your "belt". Looks fantastic over a shrug!

· Use them as hair jewels. For a partial up do, attached to a headband or nestled throughout your waves, this is a great way to let your holiday style peak through.

3. Let Your Fingers Shine

From the gas station to your favorite boutique, cocktail rings can be found anywhere. This is the quickest and cheapest way to add bling to your holiday. Buy small if you want to try this trend or buy it large if you want to rock around the Christmas tree.

· Take advantage of the festive season and buy it a little brighter or bigger to push your personal style

· Opt for stretchy band to keep price down and for all evening comfort

· Don't match your outfit, match your mood. Choose the design or colors that express YOU!

Holly's Pick: Charlotte Russe 2 for $10 or 6.50-7.50 each

4. Who Let The Lash Out?

Want to mix it up? Want to try false lashes but don't know the what and how? Think false lashes will take you until New Year 2013 to apply? Watch and see how false lashes can take main stage, how to select them and how fast they can be applied.

· Select the style based on the theme of your event. More formal-select natural. Girl's Night-try trendy. The wow factor-volume and longer at the ends. Family or friends-diamonds, glitter, colored or ANY style you want to try

· Remember that wearing false lashes will feel like your eyelids are lifting weights regardless of the style you select. Don't choose crazy lashes that will cause your eyes to look sleepy.

· Lash glue contains latex so if you are allergic to it, beware

To apply:

· Looking at the lashes straight on, they are in container as you would apply to your right and left eye

· Using tweezers, remove from container pulling from inside corner to outside corner

· Lay on top of your natural lash to assess fit (size) of strip lash

· Remember that you will stretch your eyelid slightly when applying the lash. Take into account before cutting

· If you must trim to fit your eye, trim from inside corner of strip lash

· Using glue, squeeze a small amount to the top of tube and pull the strip lash through. Less is more

· LET AIR DRY for about 30 seconds. Glue should be tacky, not wet.

· Starting at inside corner of eye, lay down lash at base of natural lashes, press one section at a time

· Then press your finger at the tips and across full length of lashes bending them slightly into your eyelid to secure the application

· You can use eyeliner and mascara to your false lash as you normally would. I prefer to add mascara to blend my natural lashes with the false ones

Holly's Pick: Duo Lash Adhesive (Nordstrom $12) + False Lashes (Sephora $4-15, Sally's Beauty Supply $4-10)

Holly Stone is no stranger to business and the beauty industry. Starting as a model at the age of 14 she decided that she preferred to be behind the scenes rather than in front of the camera. She choreographed fashion shows, selected models for events and assisted her agency with make-up.

Her skill for make-up artistry quickly became recognized and the demand for her talent launched a career that would take her all over the country. She received a bachelor's degree, and took a position as VP of Merchandising for There she learned the business skills of resourcing, buying, marketing, and negotiating. She moved on to train in Los Angeles at AWARD, a leading make-up artist school in the west.

Today, with her business skills and her passion for the art of make-up, she manages a successful career as an educator and a veteran make-up artist of 16 years. She works in various media with actors/actresses, models, brides, and photographers. She is a consultant to several cosmetic distributors, spas, and salons where she teaches application and technique. She is a nationally recognized educator of cosmetic application and is a personal image consultant to people ranging from high position corporate figures to the every day woman.

Holly is the owner of Re-Creation Studio, School of Media Make-up Artistry. For information about her classes, visit

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