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The Power of Persistence

You don't have to be the best to succeed. Studio 5 Contributor, Tiffany Peterson, says anything is possible if you are persistent.

When it comes to achieving goals of any nature, you will find persistence as the key ingredient that makes it possible. Whether our goals are related to our home & family, business & income, organization & personal improvement - no matter the area or goal, what will determine your success will be in direct correlation to your persistence!

Many of us know of the story of Abraham Lincoln…he had many failed attempts in his life, yet he persisted and overcame and went on to be a very influential President of the United States. Had he given up at his first or second or third attempt, none of us would of known his name.

Persistence isn't always easy - it's tough to not give in to self-doubt or others opinions, or the actual results we may be looking at, yet that is what makes it so noble and impactful to our lives!

In pursuing our goals, the most important piece of a goal is WHO we become in the process…it's the learning and self-mastery that are the real gems of the goal setting and goal achievement process. Those are lessons and skills we keep forever!

So whether your goal is to be happily married, keep your laundry room organized, publish a book, or start a business, the power of persistence will always be your deciding factor.

To become more persistent with your own goals, consider these five things:

1. Persistence Trumps Talent. Realize that achievements don't always go to the brightest or most talented in life, but to the most persistent. Knowing this should give you a greater vote of confidence that what you want to achieve is in your direct control by your own commitment and persistence. Persistent people find a way to their goals. They may have detours, they may need to learn a new skill to succeed, but they work through the obstacles before them to persist to success versus be stopped by the obstacle.

2. Make a Decision. "Doing isn't difficult, Deciding Is." - Foster Hubbard. At the root of persistence is decision or commitment. Have you actually chosen this goal consciously or simply allowed your emotion to think of it as a good idea at the moment? Make a conscious decision to be more kind or romantic in your marriage. Make a decision to get healthy and lose 10 pounds. Make a decision to write your book 15 minutes every day. By consciously choosing and claiming what we're after, we have put a stake in the ground for what we'll be accomplishing. As the famous French poet, Johann Goethe has said, "There is one elementary truth that when one commits, Providence moves too." When we are both feet in the boat, committed, and firmly on the path, we are mentally prepared to work through any obstacle that would require persistence in the first place. Clear decision is half the journey to goal achievement.

3. Manage the Self Talk. Many times the struggle we are feeling or facing is simply emotional overwhelm and the self-judgments we are assigning to ourselves. We forget that it's about PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION on this journey of life. Choose thoughts or affirmations that support you and encourage you. Realize that it's about the commitment to the goal and it's okay to take small steps.

4. Chunk It Down. Take your goals and make them scalable. One of my favorite goal setting techniques is called the MTO formula by Raymond Aaron. MTO stands for Minimum, Target, and Outrageous. Give yourself the minimum, must do amount, Target, and then the Outrageous level for all of your goals. By making them scalable and bite size pieces, we stay checked in and motivated versus the all or nothing perfectionistic thinking approach.

5. Enroll a Friend. Accountability significantly increases your odds of sticking with your goals and following through. Get a workout buddy, accountability partner, coach, or friend who can help hold you accountable to your goals and provide the necessary support and sounding board when you're working through a new idea or overcoming the rough spots along the way. This support will greatly aid you in being persistent and therefore, successful, in achieving your goals.

You can achieve anything you choose to persist in. You have what it takes! Choose to be persistent and persevere to creating what you really want in your life, home, and results.

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