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Standard Optical: Sunwear for Summer
March 12, 2009

This season Aaron Schubach, Standard Optical Vice President, shows Studio 5 viewers a few stunners from Standard Optical's collection that will safely and fashionably shield those peepers from summer sun.

What's in for women's eyewear and sunwear this season:

Some "bling"
Hand painted
Bright colors
Very large

What's in for men's eyewear and sunwear this season:

No "bling"
More subdued colors, such as black/brown and gunmeatal
Metals that are durable such as titanium, stainless steel
Men's collections are more conservative than women's

Standard Optical's Tips for Healthy Eyes

Wear sunglasses that block 99% to 100% of UV light.
Using saline/artificial tears eye drops a few times a day can help relieve the dryness
Use a humidifier in the home during months with low humidity. This helps moisten dry eyes, especially when exposed to forced air heating.

For more information about Standard Optical, call 1-800-EYECARE or visit them on the web at Standard Optical has 17 statewide locations from Logan to St. George to serve you.