valentine bath salts

Add sprinkles to Valentine bath salts! 4 simple ideas for a Galentine’s party

Give out Valentine bath salts as a cute party favor!

Pull the sprinkles out of the pantry for a quick and easy Galentine giftable that you can make in minutes!

Michelle Inkley shares how to make a Valentine bath salt bundle for your best gal pals, and  a few simple ways to add stunning layers to any party.

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4 Ideas for a Galentine’s Party

Sprinkle Valentine Bath Salts

With a focus on a party favor, Michelle shares a simple recipe for bath salts with sprinkles added in for a colorful flair. Simple packaging adds to the luxury feel and makes guests feel special.

Cut Paper Favors

You can make adorable paper favors with an electronic cutting machine or even templates to cut by hand. The paper is affordable, and by pairing colors and patterns to fit the theme, it is a perfect addition.

Cute Paper Products

Michelle also recommends fun, disposable paper products that can bring the theme and set the tone, all while being cost effective with little-to-no clean up.

Candle Décor With Cheese Wax

Another clever idea is decorating your candles with the red wax from packaged cheeses. It’s another fun detail that adds impact without adding cost.

Try a few of these simple and easy approaches for your Valentine festivities.

Michelle Inkley is an organizer, wedding and event planner, and a DIY gal that just wants to make pretty things.   She has a knack for putting together a beautiful tablescape, or home décor grouping using what she has on hand or can easily make.  Michelle loves to cultivate happy homes by putting together smart, de-cluttered, organized spaces.  Michelle has light and bright style, with some glitter thrown in.  Michelle has four boys and a hubby.  She spreads her joyful home skills at and on Instagram @theglitzypear.

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