store bought halloween

Give store bought Halloween pieces a homemade touch! 10 ideas to amp up your party décor

Add some flair to your store bought Halloween décor.

If you’re reaching for that one fabulous idea that sends your Halloween party into orbit, you’ve stopped at the right place. Some semi-homemade party ideas might help you cinch up the details for your events. When we say semi-homemade, we’re talking about purchased items, combined in new ways to offer party details that are unexpected and delightful.

Tonia Jardine has the art of semi-homemade down pat. She brings 10 ideas to the table.

Find more ideas from Tonia on Instagram, @pinkandpinehome.


Tonia Jardine is an entrepreneur, decorator, cookie-maker and effortless hostess. She has a way of giving a store-bought item some extra spin with add-ons and alternative uses. Find more innovative home ideas from Tonia on Instagram @pinkandpinehome.

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