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Decorating With Vintage Yardsticks

Decorating With Vintage Yardsticks

Transform old, boring furniture and accessories into pieces that really "rule" by covering them with yardsticks!

Studio 5's Trash to Treasure Diva Jennifer Heslop shares innovative ways to get creative with vintage rulers!

Lampshade- A drum-style lampshade works best for this project. Measure the height of the shade and cut yardsticks about 1/8" longer that the shade's height. Determine how many sections of yardsticks you will need to go around the entire shade. Using strong adhesive, glue the yardsticks to the shade.

Stool or table top- Cover the top of a stool, bench or table top with yardsticks. Cut to size and glue down using wood glue. Make sure to place a heavy object on top of the yardsticks while glue dries.

Shelf- Use small wood screws to attach a yardstick or ruler to a length of 1 x 6" board. Attach to wall using L-brackets.

Tissue box cover- repurpose an outdated wood tissue box cover by covering it with yardsticks. Cut yardsticks to size and adhere with strong adhesive.

Picture frame or mat- Create a unique picture mat by using a miter saw to cut a yardstick to fit inside a store bought picture frame.

Clipboards- Cover a plain clipboard with pieces of cut yardstick. Glue down with wood glue or construction adhesive. Makes a great teacher gift.

Bracelet- Purchase a bracelet kit and add small pieces of yardstick.

Office organizer- Attach binder clips to a yardstick. Use it to display photos or hold notes, etc.

All rulers purchased from EBay and Capital City Antique Mall; 959 South West Temple

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