Overcome the Overwhelm: Tips to Simplify Christmas

Professional Organizer Vicki Winterton helps us overcome the holiday overwhelm.

I offer one main organizing tip for reigning in the holidays: PLAN. Make a list of expected holiday activities and events then check it twice. Santa is willing to do this, because it is a major time-saver in the long run.

FIRST: Prioritize your list into 3 categories:
   • Must Do – Activities you can’t do without
   • Might Do – Activities you would like to do IF time and money       permit
   • Could Do – Activities you have done in years past, but are not       really a family favorite

SECOND: Schedule your “Must Do’s” on your December calendar. Add your “Might Do’s” in pencil. Purge most of your “Could Do’s”.

THRID: Simplify your life!
   • Basic Life: Streamline, Abridge & Delegate everything you can.       This includes meals and house upkeep.

   • Holiday Decorating: Save yourself frustration and time by       decorating only the 1 or 2 rooms where your family and       guests typically gather.
   • Gift Giving: Spend valuable time considering the person and       their interests BEFORE beginning your shopping. Two of my       favorite time-saving clutter-free gift types are: 1) Gifts of       Experiences – It’s much nicer to have your gift result in a fond       memory rather than just another thing to dust! 2)       Consumable Gifts like food options or any type of gift card.       *One of the greatest gifts we can give this holiday season is       to offer others ourselves – cheerful, rested and ready; not       exhausted from shopping for hours on end.

I’m a great fan of the Christmas holidays. I’m always tempted to do more, but I know the quickest way to spoil the holidays is to fill them with too much of everything. So decorate, shop, and bake; but not at the expense of enjoying yourself, your family, and your friends. Plan, schedule and simplify today to be assured your next few weeks will be merry and bright!

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